What is the Master Key Experience?

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If I had to boil down the Master Key Experience to something I could put on a T-Shirt it would read:

Transformation Happens Here.

The Master Key Experience is all about transforming your life.

Now transformation is a pretty big word with even bigger implications, so I don’t use the word lightly. The Master Key Experience begins by helping you create a new blueprint for your life. Then it helps you to transform your thinking and how to use your emotions to transform the belief about yourself. With a change in belief comes changes in behaviors to allow you to live that new blueprint.

A little history about The Master Key Experience…

The 24 weeks of the Master Key Experience mirrors the 24 week Master Key System mail order course create by Charles F. Haanel a businessman and philosopher back in the early 1900’s. This course was later turned into a book of the same name.

The Master Key System served as the platform for Napoleon Hill. He used the Master Key as a basis for the interviews he conducted for over 25 years to formulate that astonishing Think and Grow Rich philosophy and famous book.

The Master Key System has also been cited as heavily influencing Rhonda Bryne, author of The Secret (movie and book) and even Bill Gates!

Charles F. Haanel is part of a long line of New Thought thinkers and writers, starting with Ralph Waldo Emerson, and continuing through famous leaders like Dale Carnegie, Emmet Fox, Ernest Holmes, Wallace Wattles W. Clement Stone and more currently with people like the late great Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Michael Beckwith and Gary Zukav to name just a few.

The creator of this Master Key Experience course, Mark Januszewski was personally mentored by W. Clement Stone, a famous businessman in his own right who partnered with Napoleon Hill to write the famous book Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude. So there’s a direct lineage here from Haanel to Januszewski.

Each week you are assigned to read a chapter from Haanel’s masterwork. However the The Master Key Experience goes way beyond the Master Key System book/course.

MKE Logo with BlueprintIt starts by having you create a blueprint for what you want to manifest and achieve in the next chapter of your life.

Once the new blueprint is developed, it utilizes the latest science on learning to create a variety of exercises to help you change your thinking about yourself and what’s possible for you. Everything is intricately and purposefully designed to help create the proper mental environment and a foundation for a positive mental attitude that allows you to step into a new blueprint for the life you want to live.


Guides and Masterminds: Two Key Components

Napoleon Hill once said, “no one succeeds without a Mastermind”.

The official title of the Master Key Experience course is the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (i.e. MKMMA) Early on, each participant is assigned a Certified Guide to help them through the process to assist you in the development of your blueprint and to offer support throughout the course.

Having a personal guide and the requirement to Mastermind with other participants of the course are two of the key components that transform this from just another self-development course into a unique and ultimately life-changing experience.

However due to a limited number of guides, there are a limited number of spaces for the each MKMMA. And since it is only offered once a year (starts in late Sept/early October) it fills up fast.

To learn more about the Master Key Experience, including some of the science behind it, and to sign up to get on the early notification list when the next MKMMA course is offered in September  CLICK HERE.

As part of signing up to get notified, I’ll email you a free copy of the 7 Day Mental Diet. This classic program by Emmet Fox is designed to help you develop a stronger positive mental attitude in just seven days. Developing a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is a key component in the formula for success to achieve anything you aspire to create in your life.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. And please post your thoughts in the comment box below.