Week 19: Big Ideas. Small Mind.

In Week 19 Haanel continues on the idea that Universal Mind only manifests itself through us. That we are in essence part of the Omnipotence, Omniscience and any other Omni word you want to throw out there.

That Universal Mind is this static all-encompassing field, that only becomes dynamic when we think.  That Universal Mind’s vital force flows through us and all we basically need to do is to wake up to it, and comply with its laws.

And that it is through us that the Universal Mind evolves. That we can “control fate and fortune like a captain controls his ship”

These are  big, big BIG ideas to get one’s head around.

So I spent some of this week in a sit trying to get my head around it.

Here’s where I am, I understand it in theory. I grasp it on an intellectual level. It makes sense. But emotionally? Spiritually?  I wish. I mean if one got it emotionally you’d never really worry again. Gosh darn it, you’d be happy, creative, playful, kind of like a kid without a worry in the world in everything you do!

And where would that get you?

Okay, so there’s a bit of tongue in cheek here. That’s me being playful. (I guess that’s a step in the right direction.)

So now I’m in this weird awareness state, where I see where Haanel is pointing to. And I see where I am. But theres a chasm between my understanding and fully embracing and living from that place.  Sometimes I feel like a stubborn two year old who only knows one word —  NO! Sometimes I just don’t know if I can fully get there.

I mean there’s a lot of cement!

And even writing this I say to myself, you shouldn’t affirm your weakness around this. Just see yourself as already there.

(Sigh). Big ideas. Small mind. Pulling on the string. Living in and out of the gap in between.

That’s where I’m at in Week 19.



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yes I know I have a ton of cement my self Your doing a great job


You are doing great. This is the journey of finding our future self. I too have a lot of cement and slowly chipping it away but sometimes it feels like it’s not fast enough. Keep up the great work.


Living in and out of the gap in between. Well said good description of what I feel I’m doing.

Charlottes Masterkey

Enjoy the journey..

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