Week 17: Hitting the Wall

I wish I could report that I had a great week, but I seemed to be hitting the wall.

And I struggle with even sharing this. I mean what you focus on grows right? So why focus on the struggle?

I hit the wall because my goal is to launch my blog this month. It’s a major part of my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) and I’m not doing the things I need to do to get it launched. Which starts a cycle of self-criticism, self-doubt and wanting to give up.

I feel fear, sadness and anger about it. And I’ve got to push through it. But that old blueprint is a stubborn mule. Addicted to comfort inside the box.

Damn. I wish it was easier. I wish I made it easier on myself.

I wish there was no wall.

But in desperate moments I remember I’ve got Haanel, Og, Emerson, Mark J, Davene and the MKMMA gang, and other support teams and systems to raise me up.

In other words, I’ve got a ladder.


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Someone on the webinar yesterday referred to the quote about the bird, “it doesn’t worry about whether or not the branch can hold it up because it trusts its wings”. You’re doing something right Carl, that’s probably a good starting point. Don’t forget, even the tortoise starts the race.


Og states”all my problems,discouragements,and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise.” Yeah a breakthrough is coming. Stay strong.


Embrace the negative voices that you are now recognizing. You have grown more than you realize. Recognize the challenges and remember you are strong and you will win!


‘What’s on the other side of the Wall’ ?? !!!!!


Thank you … if your ladder isn’t tall enough ask someone to let a ladder down … can’t wait for you to share what you seeon the other side of the wall. Love you 🙂

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