Week 12: Knowledge, Courage and Faith

“You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third the faith to do. ” –Charles Haanel

I spent a lot of time this week on thinking about knowledge, courage and faith.

In regards to the first part of the sentence, for a long time in my life I was all about gathering knowledge. Somehow thinking that with enough knowledge I would be okay. I realize now I was using knowledge to feel worthy. If I was just smart enough…I’d prove my worth.

I was giving my power away to society, my boss, my friends, my spouse, or whoever else I was trying to impress with my knowledge.

In week 12 of the Master Key I learn of my connection to Universal Mind and the power to draw on the Infinite bank of primary substance for all this it requires. Infinite resources are therefore at your command. 

Now that’s real power! And suddenly any feelings of worthiness fall away!

Next, The courage to dare. The faith to do.

In reading through the flash cards we’ve been assigned to write I see the many times I’ve had the courage to dare and the faith to do. Achievement, after achievement flashes before my eyes. And yet I remember how I struggled with doubt throughout each journey.

Today looking at achieving my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) I go back and forth between knowledge, courage and faith. However sitting with Haanel’s master sentence gives me a sense of peace about it all. It is easier to have the courage to dare and the faith to do when you have the knowledge of your power.


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