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Week 24: The Master Key Experience
Week 24 is the "official" end of the Master Key Experience. Made it! Deep breath. Smile. It's hard to put into words[...]
MKMMA Week 23: Law of Least Effort
This weeks lesson on the Law of Least Effort was an important reminder for me about flow. I know from[...]
Week 22: Launching Our Bold Future
Picking up where I left off last week, Our Bold Future soft launched on March 1st. My welcome message reads as[...]
Week 21: Birthing Our Bold Future
Early on in the MKMMA process Mark J and the team asked us to come up with a Definite Main[...]
Week 20: The Art of Receiving
"Inspiration is the art of receiving." I was struck by this insight on inspiration from Haanel in Lesson 20. He[...]
Week 19: Big Ideas. Small Mind.
In Week 19 Haanel continues on the idea that Universal Mind only manifests itself through us. That we are in[...]
Week 18: The Crack in the Wall
Two weeks ago I posted about hitting the wall. (week 17). Note I didn't write a blog post for week[...]
Week 17: Hitting the Wall
I wish I could report that I had a great week, but I seemed to be hitting the wall. And[...]
Week 16: The Art of Kindness
  This week the focus was on kindness. I spent a lot of this week in the house. In front[...]

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